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The World of Mobile

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The future has arrived! Pet owners all around the world have begun to realize the benefits to having the groomer come to them.

As the times have become so busy from us doing multiple things at one time it's hard to find the time to get little Fifi to the groomers. The traditional way has been to find the time to take the dog to the groomer, then wait for the dog for several hours only to drive back to pick them up and go home again.

The new answer, mobile! It has become a big hit and pet owners are willing to pay the premium price for their pet to be pampered in their drive-way with one on one attention and the convenience of their pet being groomed while they themselves aren't even home.

Just even here in the Low Country of South Carolina we have so many people moving to the area with their pets; it has called for high demand on our local pet groomers with no end in sight and groomers having more clients than they know what to do with.

One thing also to think about with mobiles is they can only do so many pets in a day since they have to drive from client to client and can only hold so much water. This means they get to pick and choose what customers they want, unlike the traditional brick and mortar salon. So remember, be kind to your mobile groomer, be understanding, keep your pet on a schedule and a tip can go a long way.

4 Paws and a Tail Mobile Pet Spa has been serving the low country since 2008. Check out the services we offer from the Basics, our Kaiyote Cub Club and All-Inclusive Wolf Pack Membership. We can't wait to meet you!

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