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Imperative Nail Care

One of the most important responsibilities as a pet owner is the trimming of your pets nails. Yet, most people tend to ignore them.

It is imperative for your pet's well-being that their nails be off the ground for their ability to walk properly.


As the nails grow, they curl down and under making the pet walk on their nails instead of on their paws, which is not only extremely painful but damages their skeletal structure causing arthritis, pain, weight gain, difficulty walking, splayed feet, tendon tear or strain and spinal misalignment. All of which can be prevented from regular monthly trimming.


A great tool we have at our disposal is a dremel. We can proficiently trim the nails back with trimmers but also smooth the nails with a dremel so we can get the nail back as far as the nail can go, helping to recede the blood vessel inside. In return this makes the nails shorter and prevents jagged edges, which we all know can tear our skin open if the pet jumps on us or even scratch open their own skin causing other issues.


4 Paws and a Tail offers a great nail package. It's our Paw Care on Wheels program where we come to your pet monthly. No more struggling to load them in your vehicle, driving them back and fourth. No more stress to take time off work or your pet having to leave their home and getting car sick. Check out our packages for dogs and cats. Its well worth it and gives you the peace of mind knowing that one of your pets needs are being meet with little effort on your part. Contact us today to schedule your pet's Paw Care.

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