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We're Transforming!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I'm just so excited to announce that we are evolving into a new modern and updated company. New name! New van coming in October 2021! New membership program starting in October as well! Members get full access to schedule book anytime, anywhere and services at a discounted rate! And a special surprise; new expansion of amazing services!

It's so hard to believe its happening. Since opening my mobile salon doors in 2008 I had a vision to give more to my clients then just bathing services that they could get anywhere. I wanted to give more. I've always believed that my company was a step ahead. Always improving with better skin and coat care, being reliable, having the best equipment and pushing my skills to always be a better pet stylist. Now for the last 2 years having been pursuing dog sports training and meeting and learning from people in the field. Just all around hard work and fun!

Soon beginning 2022 in Charleston we are stepping forward expanding into dog fitness & therapy for better health and wellness. Get Your Dog Styled will now have Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T. -Running In Place Treadmill Training. We have already opened the dog powered mobile treadmill service in the North,GA area. You can find out more about our amazing new service at Take a sneak peak at our video of some of our amazing dogs enjoying their runs getting full exercise, working mentally and going their full potential.

As time progresses additional services are going to be added for all around dog well-being.


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