Kaiyote Cub Club

We take the joy of caring for your cub to the next level by pampering them all year with some fantastic upgrades.

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Little extras

with love,

for peace of mind.

Kaiyote Cub Club

Add-on Package

Basic Grooming

Your pet gets everything from the basic grooming packages

(Basic pricing click here)



Upgraded Shampoo & Conditioner

Picked for your little cub's specific skin and coat needs, instead of just our every day product



Nail Smoothing

Your pet's nails will be trimmed then filed smooth for a really nice finish to prevent open scratches to familiy members and hardwood floors



Teeth Brushing

Your cub's teeth get brushed with a special dog made toothpaste, their teeth scaled if needed & a breath gel



Add-ons at $50 value for only


Glands Expressed

Anal glands will be expressed externally if your cub should need it done



Nose Butter

We apply a healing moisturizing cream with shea butter, olive, almond, coconut & avocado oils & beeswax to keep their little noses sniffin'



Paw Pad Moisturizer

We then apply a vegetable based black cherry collagen with avocado, ginkgo, ozonated olive & argan oils for an amazing healing cream to the paw pads



Last but not least, some extra pop with some bows, bandanas or bowties to make your cub look like a


To maintain this special Kaiyote Cub Club discount this packaged price is included to each visit till the end of the year.