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Frequently asked questions about our services

Can I get a discount for multipe pets?

Since we only service a few clients a day, we are unable to give multiple pet discounts.

How long will it take to groom my pet?

Well, that depends on what type of pet you have and the condition their skin and coat are in. It can take as little as 30 minutes to as long as 3 hours. When we talk, a better time can be determined for your specific pet.

How much will it cost to groom my pet?

Depending on what condition your pet is in will depend on cost but you can get an estimate if you go to our members package pages.

Does it cost extra for you to come to my home?

Yes, but the convenience of us coming to you is already included in the price.

Do you do large dogs?

Yes and no, we can do large dogs in our grooming van up to a certain size. So for example we can do a Labrador or Husky but we are unable to a Great Pyrenees or Newfounland.

Should I tip the groomer?

It is not required but it is very much appriciated.

Do you use sedatives?

No, we do not use sedatives. Sedatives make the pet unpredictable and a lot of times mobile grooming can calm the pet, so sedatives aren't needed. If you have been prescribed sedatives from your veterinarian for grooming we can not groom them. It is highly recommmended that you have your vet's groomer do this service while your pet is under the care of your veterinarian so they can monitor your pets health closely.

Do you do aggressive pets?

We can work on pets that have issues with certain aspects of the grooming process by applying a muzzle if needed to get our work done safely. We will try to do the pet at least one time. If the pet is uncontrollable and the safety of the pet or stylist is compromised we will let you know that we are unable to groom your pet. The full grooming price for that day will still be charged regardless if all work has been completed. Please let us know beforehand if your pet has any issues, so we can determine the best course of action for your pet.

Do you provide pet sitting?

At this time we do not provide pet sitting services.

How often should I have my pet groomed?

That depends on the type of pet you have, how much care you provide at home and how your pet spends their time but we recommended every 2 or 4 weeks. We are unable to service pets longer than 4 weeks between groomings at this time.

How should I schedule my pet's appointment, while you are here at my home or should I call?

Our appointments fill fast since all of our clients are required to be on a 2- or 4-week reoccuring schedule so we are usually booked out several months in advance. Usually, "right now" appointments are not available.

Do you groom cats?

Yes, we do groom cats although it is not our prime focus at this time. We can give them baths and haircuts just like we do our doggy clients.

Can you come out just to do nail trims?

Do to our limited availability at this time we no longer provide just nail care services.

Do you provide any discounts?

No, at this time we do not have any discounts available.

Why mobile?

With mobile, your pet and you get personal attention from the stylist. It's one-on-one service. Your pet isn't around other pets, they aren't sitting in a cage all day for hours. They get groomed from start to finish. With 4 Paws and a Tail you become family and your pet is treated with love and compassion. You get the same stylist every time and your stylist knows exactly what your furry loved one needs since we build our relationship with them groom after groom. The best part is, even if you can't be home we can still groom your pet on schedule with our turn-key service. Its so convenient, why not mobile?!

When should I start to get my puppy or kitten professionally groomed?

It is highly recommended that you get your puppy's or kitten's first professional groom around 3 to 4 months of age. Usually after they have had their last set of puupy/kitten shots. Their first few experiences usually set the tone for their whole life. Having a really good experience with a kind and understanding stylist is very important! Here at 4 Paws and a Tail we understand what your puppy/kitten needs and we train them to enjoy the process, or at minumum tolerate the process, especially since they will need it their entire life.