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 Wolf Pack

The all-inclusive

Your dog deserves more than just the basics

Your dog deserves more than just the basics

The all-inclusive

 Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack Membership

A New Breed of Health  &  Style!

Limited spots available.

Wolf Pack membership opens January & closes February 1st

We care for and pamper every part of your pet with our all-inclusive luxury Wolf Pack membership. As true professionals, we know there is more to grooming than just the bath & haircut. We do our utmost best to achieve the best possible health for your pet & to grow our relationship with them. Your dog will receive services they can't get anywhere else for a truly amazing Spaw experience giving you peace of mind.

We pre-book our members for head to toe service on a 1- to 5-week schedule through the end of the year. Even better, being a pack member allows you to receive priority prime holiday week appointments.

Wolf Pack members do get their privileges!

Go above and beyond for your beloved pet.

Your pet gives you unconditional love, they deserve unconditional care.

Luxury Wolf pack Membership includes

Coat & Skin Care

Skin scrub an exfoliating scrub that uses Jojoba beads to deep clean while moisturizing.

Light Spaw bath an amazing bathing experience. Your pet enjoys the fruity delights & silk proteins, collagen & minerals of coat-specific shampoos.

Special cleansers medicated or allergy skin care products for those that have skin problems until issues are resolved.

Aloe paw scrub for cleaning their paws & nails to help fight fungus, bacteria, yeast and other germs.

Paw soak a deep cleaning, soothing & moisturizing soak to help fight fungus, bacteria & yeast with white tea tree & olive leaf oil, seaweed & comfrey extract.

Facial with PEK, argon & mineral lotions for a fantastic true facial.

Oils added to their hydration treatment with Gingko, Ozonized3 or Argon depending on what needs to be achieved.

Deep conditioning with our wonderful hydration PEKs, PhBalance conditioner, & oils wrapped in a warm towel for a relaxing spa session to complete the light spaw experience.

Quality Groom

Fluffed Coat hand blown dried with warm dryer & fluffed for maximum quality & softness.

De-shed proper techniques used during bathing & hydration treatments as well as after being dried for the best results.

Brush & comb through with proper techniques and tools to remove any extra loose coat & remove any & all mats.

Touch-ups for those in-between haircuts or long coated breeds. Trimming of private areas, pads & around feet, corner & over eyes. Feathering trimmed on double coated breeds. This Is Not a Full Body Haircut.

Hair style Personalized haircut to your specifications or breed standards with clippers & or scissors. Or coat hand stripping for specific breeds.


At your door service convenient & reliable.

Turn-key service come home to a well-groomed happy dog.

Reminders Text, email or phone call appointment reminder 3 days prior. Text sent letting you know stylist is on their way & new appointment date.

Receipts Emailed,texted or paper, of services provided.

Payments We take payment forms by cash, check & card with no processing fees. Invoices for payment through text or email with card.

Updates pictures & texts during grooming.

Priority scheduling receive first choice prime holiday week appointments.

Appointments guaranteed monthly year-round; first scheduled.

Gifts Birthday & x-mas presents for your fur baby.

For Good Health

Nails scrubbed when bathed to kill germs, trimmed and then smoothed for a lovely short finish.

Ears cleaned & emu oil applied (Flushed, hair removed if needed).

Teeth Brushed (scaled if needed) & gums checked.

Glands Release of anal fluid (only if needed)

Nose Butter Healing cream applied with shea & cocoa butters, olive, almond, coconut & avocado oils & beeswax.

Paw pad moisturizer Healing cream applied with vegetable based black cherry collagen, avocado, ginkgo, ozonized Olive & argon oils.

Sil Plus skin seal barrier applied to corner of eyes for tear stains and on top of open wounds.

Look over Full body look over for lumps, bumps, sores, cuts, bruises & infections or signs of other possible issues to get your pet to the vet faster.

Fancy Finish

Hydrating Butter Pomegranate & Acai leave-in conditioner that moisturizes & adds vital nutrients with a soothing scent.  It releases moisture emollients every 2 hours for up to 24 hour hydration.

Finish Polish A finishing spray of argon or mink oil for a radiant look & UV protections.

Spritz A light spritz mist of scented cologne over the coat for a clean fresh scent.

Accessories Bows, bandana, bow ties or bow collars for a finishing touch.

Nail Art Polish or design applied to nails if requested for that final touch.

Surprise! Wait and see what special treat awaits each & every visit to complete your dogs Spaw experience!

For Peace of Mind

Predictable Same stylist every visit.

All-inclusive high quality service ensuring that every part of your dog is pampered & cared for.

Insured for all situations & licensed to do business.

Certified in AKC Safe Mobile Salon, Pet CPR & Safety, in the Foundations of Skin & Coat, Salon Sanitation, AKC Canine Fitness

Education ongoing through workshops, videos, seminars, certifications & competitions.

Members of National Dog Groomers Association of America, National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Charleston Dog Training Club & IGP.

AKC Evaluator & instructor for Canine Fitness,Canine Good Citizen,Trick Dog, S.T.A.R Puppy, CGCA & Urban.  We understand pet behavior.

Our minimum charge for Wolf Pack services is $ per pet.

We do not discount for multiple pets.

All-Inclusive Luxury Wolf Pack Members Pricing

Wolf Pack
Small Dog


Medium Dog


Large Dog


Standard Poodles
Bath & Touch-up
Wolf Pack





Bath & Haircut
Wolf Pack





Due to extensive coat and time requirements on Doodles we are unable to service this mixed breed.

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