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Lets talk about Conditioner

You've given your pup a bath, they dry and they still stink or 2 days later they smell horrible like they never got a bath at all. It's because your missing the most crucial step...the hydration treatment (conditioner).

The Importance

So why is it so important? When we wash our pets with any cleanser we are washing away all the dirt but also stripping the oils from our pet's skin. This oil (sebum) is produced by our pet's sebaceous glands and protects our pet's skin like a barrier and closes the cuticle for healthy coat. When its stripped away and is not replaced with a proper conditioner for your pet's coat type the sebaceous glands start to over produce the oil to protect itself and that is when you get that wet stinky dog smell.

So What Do We Do About It

Once we've washed away the dirt with the proper cleanser, its time to condition. It's so important to hydrate your pet's skin and coat with the proper conditioner. There are several different coat types and each type requires different needs to stay healthy. Soak your pet in the conditioner and wrap your pet in a warm towel for 3 to 5 minutes. This will give the product time to do its job and the warm towel will help the skin to absorb the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Final Finish

Your pet has soaked in the conditioner and now its time to rinse. We want to make sure that when we rinse the coat, it no longer feels slick but not too rinsed that the coat is squeaky. We want to leave just enough to have a lasting effect.

Then last but not least, make sure to completely dry your dog, especially if your dog has skin issues. And if you would like, give your pup a little scented spritz for a final touch.

If you need a little advice on which conditioner is right for your pet, let me know in the comments below. Want to know more about shampoo for your pet? Read more about human versus dog shampoo.

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