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Dog Shampoo vs. Human Shampoo

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

It always happens doesn't it? Your dog goes outside to go potty & a few minutes later they come back & for some reason they are covered in gunk of some kind. Yep, they've rolled in something and now you have to give them the dreaded bath. You put them in the tub and that's when you realize you're out of dog shampoo.

I'm asked all the time, ¨Can I use my shampoo instead of dog shampoo?¨ It's a question that has a couple of answers, my reply is always yes & no.

Why not human shampoo?

The question we should be really asking is, is it safe to use human shampoo on our dog? Without me getting into all the science, in short our pH level is different then that of mans best friend. We as humans need a pH level between 4.5 to 5 which is more acidic then our doggy friends. Where as dogs need a pH level of around 6.5 which is more alkaline. This may not seem like much but it could mean the difference between pigment, hydration, oil, skin and health loss. Which then in-turn could result in other major skin issues.

Dog Shampoo

For those reasons, we should be using dog shampoo. You want your dog to have the best if at all possible. You'll want to use the shampoo that is specifically designed for your pet's coat type or skin issue. Whether it's for a long coated shih' tzu or a smooth coated boxer or a dog that needs a medicated bath. It's important to get what your pet needs on a regular basis. Try to keep at least 2 bottles at hand so that you never run out.

What can I use?

If just bathing with warm water doesn't do the trick & you need something to get your dog clean then your best human choice would be a baby shampoo that has no scent or color. Please remember this should be a last resort and should not be used regularly. This is a one time thing.

In conclusion, yes if you have an emergency go ahead and use the baby shampoo this one time. In the meantime when your done reading this, ask me what shampoo is right for your dog in the comments below and I'll help guide you in the right direction. Or better yet contact Get Your Dog Styled today to schedule your dogs grooming.

Happy Washing!

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